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About Family Law

At Morris Law, LLC, we recognize the stress of going through the divorce process. Even when both parties agree a divorce is in their best interest, it is still an emotional time.


Questions you need to answer


Who gets to stay in the family home?


How will assets be divided?


Who will assume which debts?


Will one party need support from the other?


Who gets the family pet?

Navigating child custody

Often, one of the most contentious issues faced by a divorcing couple is child custody.

If possible, we help our clients construct a parenting plan with the other parent that addresses time spent with each parent, the primary residence of the children, who provides transportation between the two homes, which parent has responsibility for extracurricular activities, and any other aspect of child custody and visitation.

We always keep in mind that the family law court makes its ultimate child custody decision based on what it determines is in the best interest of the child.

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