Criminal Defense

About Criminal Defense Law

Just being charged with a criminal offense can be life-changing. You need to find a criminal defense attorney, you could lose your job, and if you are divorced or divorcing, child custody and visitation could become issues.

The risk of conviction is great. The state has almost unlimited resources on hand for use in prosecuting you. At Morris Law, LLC, we recognize the consequences you face and use our knowledge and experience to provide you the best possible defense.

Your Constitutional rights


Your Fourth Amendment right to be free of warrantless searches and seizures.


Your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and to due process of law.


Your Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial, effective assistance of counsel, and to confront witnesses against you.

What we do for you

We comprehensively review the facts and all the evidence in order to know how to proceed. There are times that it may be in your best interest for us to negotiate for a lesser penalty or reduced charges. Other times, going to trial may be the best option.

There can be no guarantees in the law, but we are good negotiators. We are also experienced, zealous, and effective advocates in the courtroom. One thing we can guarantee is that we will do our very best for you.

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